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Its Tough This year

November 14, 2013

I have heard from many people that I know well who are in the matching game this year. Very qualified people whom I have a high opinion of are struggling to get more than a few interviews. Some are not getting more than one. I tell those who are applying that you only need 1 interview to match. Remember that few people match as few people who apply are granted interviews

There is other bits of evidence that this year is more difficult. There is a forum post that has over 1 million views in 2 months regarding internal medicine interviews entitled “IM Invitation/Rejection status 2014“. A good number of people who have commented on that forum have noted that they are struggling to get more than a few interviews, or any.

I think that we are seeing a combination of factors. As projected from a figure from a prior post, the number of spots for IMG candidates appears to be decreasing. Residency programs are not adding training slots. As most residency training salaries are paid for by government funding I don’t see this situation changing soon. The strategies, information and question sources needed to attain high USMLE scores are ubiquitous. Candidates are better informed and better qualified in general. The competition is very very tough. Candidates who had several interviews in past years would have trouble this year. It is likely not to get any easier next year I am afraid.

The views expressed on this post are those of Kenneth Christopher, MD and do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer Partners HealthCare, my hospital, my department or my division.

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