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Can Publications hurt?

July 15, 2011

Another question sent via email:
Will community hospitals hate me because I have publications? I know University programs will like research but how about community hospital programs?

Great question. Hate is a strong term. Remember that anyone in residency education went to medical school and did residency and possibly a fellowship. Somewhere along the line they probably did some research. If they are at a university hospital they are probably still involved with research or scholarship. The same can be said for those working in community hospital training programs. Not everyone does research but most people appreciate the level of commitment and passion that it takes to publish.

“Research” can take many forms and mean different things to different people. I did neuroscience/ behavioral research in college, a bit of basic science in medical school, a little clinical research in residency and then 5 years of basic science during fellowship and junior attending days. Now I am a productive clinical scientist with a good research group.

I don’t think that research is ever a negative on an application. Research is especially helpful when it comes to fellowship applications. Research can really make or break your chances at getting a competitive fellowship.

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