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Do Publications Help?

July 14, 2011

Another great question sent to me by an IMG via email
How much do publications help in getting a residency position?

Publications can help a great deal if you are a top candidate. If you have terrific scores (over 235) and USCE as a medical student (clerkships, sub-Is) the research years/ advanced degree (PhD or MPH) then publications can make a difference between getting an interview at a university program. Publications from multi-year research commitments can make the year of graduation not important.

I really only look for publications if the candidates are top candidates. Otherwise it is a bit unfair. Most people are not passionate about research or don’t have the opportunities for research at their medical schools. Many of you know how hard it is to get a research position even part-time. Publications tell me that the candidate was in a productive environment, got luck and worked hard. Publications are great to have but solid research experience without publications show a committment to something outside of clinical medicine.

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