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July 13, 2011

A question posed to me by a 2011 IMG applicant and good friend.
Do programs actually review each and every application carefully or is it mostly computer filtered?

It depends on what they are looking for and how many applicants they have. If the program requires USCE they can filter for it and discard those who don’t have “United States” listed in the experience field. Programs that require a score cut-off can use filters. Programs that want people only from US schools can filter and I imagine that they do. It is a number game with thousands of applications, many of which are not competitive enough to match at that program.

I look at each application I am assigned to make sure that I am not missing a “diamond in the rough” who might have incredible talent but the scores are a bit low or all of the experience is outside of the US.

Each program is looking for the right people for their program. Programs know what type of candidates they historically match. A program I know of sends a staff member to a school in Peru and another to a school in Ireland to interview candidates because they have had so many good candidates from that school. Some programs never match candidates with 99s because those candidates historically rank other programs ahead of theirs. Those programs tend not to interview those candidates who don’t fit with their match history. Some programs won’t match candidates with less than 90 as they are historically very competitive. Remember that there are a lot of candidates and programs don’t have the resources/ interviewers to interview more than a few candidates per spot filled.

The match is actually structured in the applicant’s favor. It is just really hard for an IMG to find the right program.

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