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Interview Day

July 12, 2011

So the big day is here. What to wear, how to wear it.

For men it is easy for most. Wear a suit – it doesn’t have to be Armani or Brooks Brothers, I won’t look at the label. Try it on before you interview. I interviewed for fellowship in my residency suit – it was a size or two small! Don’t wear a black suit, those are for funerals. Shoes should be black or brown and have them shined in the airport. Socks blue or brown. Belt black, brown or tan – yes. White or light blue shirt. Long tie normal width (no skinny ties), not bright orange. Avoid the tie bar. No bow ties unless you are really confident. On second thought, no bow ties. No white socks. No sandals. Please shower and shave. Wear deodorant. Limit the facial hair if you can. Shave the mustache if you can bear to part with it. Get a haircut. Go easy on the gel and the spiky hair. Look professional.

For women it is a bit easier. As long as you are comfortable and look professional you will look confident and professional. Most women wear a blue or brown suit with a white, pink or light blue shirt. Earrings are small, necklace is understated. I see some applicants with heals, some with flats. I see a lot of pony tails. Go easy on the makeup. I would avoid perfume.

All in all, your professional appearance will plant a positive seed in my mind and I will see you as a professional appearing candidate. Then I can focus on what you say. What you wear will not stand out in my mind. Unless your luggage gets lost, then you will be remembered in a good way for interviewing in jeans and sneakers (I’ve seen it).

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