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Emails to Program Directors

October 21, 2010

In general your emailing the program director is not helpful. At best, all email correspondence is forwarded to a residency coordinator who may or may not look at the messages.  Your message may be reviewed and taken into consideration when decisions are being made. The messages may be deleted. Remember if each applicant emails a program director then that inbox gets full quickly.

If you email a program director, I hope that it contains really important information like your paper was just published. Emailing to ask about your application status, let a program know that you are really interested in interviewing with them is a waste of your time and will not win you any points.

Also, if you are going to email the program director, be careful about what you say. Your message should be short and to the point and factual. Don’t tell the program director that her program is the best in the country etc. Don’t use any religious terms or statements in your communication. You never know how those statements will be received.

On the other hand it is quite important for the people who you have worked closely with who happen to be best friends with the program director to email. That can be helpful, sometimes.

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