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August 12, 2010

Be careful when you build your CV.

One needs a balance between self promotion and humility. Everything that you put on the CV should be accurate and truthful. You don’t want to be like the director for admissions at MIT who resigned due to misrepresenting her education when she started at MIT 28 years prior.

Be very careful when you are citing publications. If a publication is not “in press” don’t say that it is. If you are second author don’t put yourself as first.

If you did an observership for 2 weeks, don’t list it as a month, your letter writer will state “2 weeks” and you will appear as if you are inflating your CV. If you shadowed someone once a week for two months, state what you did not “observer for two months.” Again the letter writer will state “the candidate observed me in clinic once a week for 2 months”…

Honesty is very important and your cv will be checked very carefully if you make it through to the interview stage. I have seen really good candidates eliminated from contention based on overstatements on their CVs. I have interviewed candidates who claimed to have an MPH which was validated in the letters of reference. I called the school to verify the MPH and the individual had not completed the coursework and did not have the degree! That did not go down well with us I assure you.

Be honest, no surprises.

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